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Town of Coeburn
Town Manager, Drew Mullins, presented Council members last week with a proposed Budget for the towns take over of the Public Works Department. When compared the towns projected budget line-item-by-line-item with VWNA current contract, the Town Manager has estimated a monthly cost to operate public works of $84,377 per month in comparison with VWNA monthly cost of $117,866, which represents a monthly savings of $33,489 per month or $401,871 per year. In addition, the Towns Public works projected budget included adding 3 part-time public works positions and a 10% contingency equaling $112,648 which may bring extra savings to the town, if not used. The town offered the VWNA employees continued employment with the town in their current capacity and eleven VWNA employees have applied and were granted positions with the town.
Coeburn Treasurer's Office

Utility Rates
Establishment of an account requires photo identification and any past due balances must be paid prior to connection of service.

Utility Rate Schedule [PDF]

Tax Rates
Personal Property
40 cents per $100 of assessed value

Real Estate
15 cents per $100 of assessed value

Taxes are due by December 5th of each year. A 10% penalty on unpaid taxes is added on December 6th and an additional 10% yearly interest is levied on January 1st.

A real estate exemption may be available to persons 65 years of age or older, provided that they meet financial criteria established by ordinance.

The Treasurer only collects taxes. The Treasurer does not assess property, fix valuations, set rates or grant exemptions and has no authority to make changes on the tax roll.

Decals are $15.00 per year and are sold at the Town Hall. County and town personal property taxes must be paid. Issuance of decals requires presentation of registration for each vehicle. Deadline to purchase decals is April 15th of every year.

Business Licenses
Business license amount is based on gross sales from the previous year. The deadline to renew business licenses is May 1st of every year.

Business License Application [PDF]

Miscellaneous Forms
Cigarette Tax Ordinance - 2010 [PDF]
Cigarette Tax Stamp Order Form [PDF]
Meals Tax Ordinance - 2010 [PDF]
Town of Coeburn Meals Tax Return [PDF]
Transient Occupancy Tax Ordinance - 2012 [PDF]
Transient Occupancy Tax Return [PDF]