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Town of Coeburn
Town Manager, Drew Mullins, presented Council members last week with a proposed Budget for the towns take over of the Public Works Department. When compared the towns projected budget line-item-by-line-item with VWNA current contract, the Town Manager has estimated a monthly cost to operate public works of $84,377 per month in comparison with VWNA monthly cost of $117,866, which represents a monthly savings of $33,489 per month or $401,871 per year. In addition, the Towns Public works projected budget included adding 3 part-time public works positions and a 10% contingency equaling $112,648 which may bring extra savings to the town, if not used. The town offered the VWNA employees continued employment with the town in their current capacity and eleven VWNA employees have applied and were granted positions with the town.
CNW Authority Header Image

The Coeburn-Norton-Wise Regional Wastewater Treatment Authority Board oversees the C-N-W Regional Wastewater Treatment Authority. The Town of Coeburn appoints two representatives to the authority.

Jess R. Powers
289 Martin Avenue
May 13, 2013 to May 13, 2017

Mike Wright
P.O. Box 1317
May 1, 2004 - April 30, 2016